Private schools urged to heed PM’s covid19 shutdown


EDUCATION Minister Anthony Garcia is urging principals of private schools to reconsider opening for classes from Monday.

In a statement on Sunday, the minister asked principals to “heed the call of the Prime Minister” to close all schools and universities for one week, in the first instance.

On Friday, in Parliament, Dr Rowley directed all learning centres, including schools and universities, to close for at least a week from Saturday to slow the possible spread of covid19.

He also directed attention to the private sector, encouraging business owners and managers to “be realistic” and provide alternate arrangements for their staff, such as allowing them to work from home, if feasible.

He said there should be a promotion of a workplace culture that supports people staying home when genuinely sick.

“The Government has advised a number of self-imposed cautionary measures that will slow down, delay and possibly prevent the spread of the virus,” said Rowley.

Rowley urged members of the public not to expose themselves unnecessarily through non-essential mass gatherings; limit exposure to public places; only travel if essential or in an emergency; practise good personal hygiene habits such as more frequent hand washing; avoid touching one’s face with unwashed hands; sneeze and cough into tissues and properly dispose of the tissue; and to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Rowley called on the public to be “sensible about not exposing frail seniors or people with other health conditions to respiratory illness.”

On Sunday, Garcia said the ministry had been made aware that some private schools have indicated they will be opening for classes from Monday.

Garcia said, “These measures have been instituted to safeguard our population from the risk of contracting covid19.

“Principals must recognise that they have the ultimate responsibility of acting in the best interest of all students and stakeholders,” he added.

The statement said the ministry had boosted the ICT infrastructure and resources available to all schools and encouraged principals, parents and stakeholders to “take advantage of these assets provided to effectively manage individual situations.”

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