Prisons Commissioner ‘feels healthy’ after interacting with Ian Alleyne


Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan said he feels healthy and is undergoing routine screening for the coronavirus disease, after television show host Ian Alleyne claimed to have tested positive for covid19 on Tuesday night.

During a riot at the Golden Grove remand facility in Arouca last week, Alleyne was one of several people interviewing Pulchan outside the compound.

Pulchan said while he was concerned with Alleyne’s remarks, he felt he was in relatively good condition and was continuing his duty as commissioner.

“I feel good, healthy and strong. I have been going through screening everyday so I hope I’m okay by the grace of God.

“The interview he had with me was in the hot sun by the roadside around 3 pm and he was just west of me. So I’m counting on my blessings to keep me safe if it is indeed a fact that this man has this virus.”

Pulchan said he awaited confirmation on whether Alleyne in fact contracted the virus but hoped he was also in good health.

He said as part of improved regulations, prison officers and inmates were being screened for the virus before entering and leaving prisons. He also said while he did not feel unwell he was prepared to undergo testing if his conditions changed.

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