Prints from severed hand lead to identity


Homicide police investigating a severed right arm found in the sea off Matura beach on Sunday and a severed leg on Monday went to the Forensic Science Centre on Tuesday with a fingerprint expert and were able to identify the victim.

On Sunday at around 4 pm a man walking along the beach saw the arm floating in the water and called the police.

The limb was taken to the Forensic Science Centre.

On Monday around 4 pm the severed foot of a man was seen floating at the same beach and was also retrieved by police.

ACP Irwin Hackshaw ordered fingerprints to be taken from the severed hand. Police were then able to make a positive match from their database and the victim was identified as Raffique Mohammed of Penal.

Mohammed was in the system because in November 2010 Matura police charged him with trafficking in marijuana and took his print as normal procedure.

Investigators contacted the Penal and Barrackpore police yesterday to check whether Mohammed’s relatives had reported his disappearance, but they had not. Homicide officers and Eastern Division police under Insp Ken Lutchman are expected to contact Mohammed’s family to assist in their investigation into his murder.

Police said yesterday they now have reason to believe Mohammed may have been involved in the illegal drug trade.

Up until yesterday his other body parts had not been found, but police planned to ask the Coast Guard to search the eastern coast close to Matura for them.

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