Princes Town student curses, throws chair at female teachers

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo.

Princes Town police are investigating a report that a male student used vulgar language toward three female teachers after they spoke to him about being out of his class and disturbing other classes.

The police said the incident happened mid-morning on Thursday at the Princes Town West Secondary School, formerly the Princes Town Senior Comprehensive School.

The form-five student was supposed to be in an interfaith class in the auditorium, but was seen outside with other students talking and laughing loudly.

The teacher told him about disturbing nearby classes, and he went into a fit of rage. He began using obscene language, then picked up a nearby chair and threw it at the teachers.

Afraid for their safety, they ran, called for help and called the police.

But when police arrived, the student had already left the school grounds.

No one was injured, but Newsday learnt that staffers are fearful for their lives and calling for extra security.

A concerned parent who asked not to be named told Newsday half the teaching staff showed up for work on Friday.

The parent said: “They are scared. They have to safeguard themselves too.

“Most of the teachers are women. Who knows if the student had a weapon on him? No one should accept that type of behaviour.”

The student did not show up for school on Friday. He has not been held.