Priest on Corpus Christie: Sow good seeds

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

FIRST BODY: First communion students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church in San Fernando receive first communion on Corpus Christie on Thursday. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

ROMAN Catholic priest Fr David Khan wants people to sow good seeds, do good and build unity.

He officiated at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church at Harris Promenade, San Fernando, at the feast of Corpus Christi, on Thursday.

“Many people plant seeds and expect seeds to bring a rich harvest. The word of God says if you sow thin, you will reap thin or nothing at all. If you sow thick, you will certainly reap thick because something will catch,” Khan told the packed congregation.

“We are supposed to be sowing good, so good will multiply. What kind of seeds are we sowing? Are we sowing seeds of division? That is definitely not of God because what is of God is unity, the one body in Christ.

“If people are sowing seeds of division, they are doing the work of the evil one.”

Farmers and gardeners have traditionally considered Corpus Christi Day to be ideal for planting. It is believed that whatever is sown on this day will flourish.

The only thing Christians are supposed to be divided from, Khan said, is “sin in its many facets.”

“Therefore, if there are cliques in any situation, cliquism is not of God. We cannot operate as silos,” Khan said.

“We cannot speak about standing together if we want to stand alone. Stand for something, or else we are standing for nothing. We have to stand for Jesus and for what he represents. He represents everything good.”

Khan further urged people to give to others without expecting anything in return.

He said the greatest gift people could give was themselves.

“That is why the church speaks about stewardship, the stewardship of time, talent and treasure. Give and give freely. We must become the best version of ourselves and we will receive the highest good, God himself.”

He also urged people to use their talents to serve humanity, especially those who have little. He said true treasure is where one’s heart is.

CORPUS CHRISTIE PROCESSION: Fr David Khan is accompanied by students and parishioners of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church during Corpus Christie procession through San Fernando on Thursday. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

Admitting there were positives to social media, he also warned of its dangers.

“The greatest divider of today’s world is social media. If you get a bad message or a piece of gossip, you have the power to share or not. What do we do? We share.”

After mass, Khan joined with church members, including students from the church’s first communion class, in a street procession from the promenade to Penitence and High Streets and back to the church.