Preaching judge – Mothers, don’t turn blind eye to nice child’s illegal behaviour

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Justice Frank Seepersad. FILE PHOTO –

HIGH COURT judge Frank Seepersad, in a Mother’s Day sermon at the Marabella Presbyterian Church, called on mothers not to condone the illegal behaviour of their children and to hold them to account.

Stressing that mothers are the agents of change, Justice Seepersad said discipline is an integral aspect of positive parenting and a no-tolerance approach must be adopted.

“Truancy, dishonesty, corruption and illegal activity must be rejected. We cannot continue to justify or brush aside bad behaviour.”

Focusing on claims by most mothers, after their child is caught in wrongdoing, that they were a good boy or girl, he said, “Mammy can no longer turn a blind eye to her nice child’s illegal or unacceptable conduct.

“All children and people under your charge must be held to high standards of responsible, honest, ethical and constructive behaviour.

“As you mind your business mothers, hold your offspring to account when they violate the law and remember that as women of God, you must adhere to God’s commands. Consequently, integrity, truthfulness and honesty must never be compromised.”

Seepersad encouraged mothers to use their moulding and magical mothering to raise “rainbow children,” forbid discrimination and encourage inclusiveness.

He used The Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, and Jochebed, mother of Moses who freed people from bondage, as two examples of agents of change. Likewise, mothers were told they can save the youths from a path of discord and dysfunction.

He said children often model their behaviour behind their parents including their mothers.

“Forbid discriminatory language in the home and facilitate the formation of diverse friendships. Encourage inclusiveness in the way children react to and interact with the world at large,” Seepersad said.



In his sermon titled, “Sip water and MINE dey business,” Seepersad said the MINE was an acronym for – Management skills, Inspiration, Nurturing, Educate and Expose.

“Some may ask, so what is the business that our mothers need to ‘mine’? Their business is the restoration of faith, service, leadership, peace, civility, respect and equity.

“These fundamental characteristics, no longer define us as a people as our beloved land is now faced with intolerance, disobedience, violence, corruption, selfishness and ungodly behaviour.”

Explaining the M in “mine” stands for their “management skills,” Seepersad said mothers are the world’s best managers, ultimate multitaskers who balance service to God, work and family obligations.

“So many of our nation’s mothers overcome trying circumstances, turn day into night as they forego their own desires for the benefit of their children.

“They know how to ‘pinch and save’ so that food would be available and bills are paid. Theirs is the manner of managed selfless service that all leaders and people entrusted with decision-making responsibilities need to emulate.”

Pointing out that I stands for inspiration, Seepersad said mothers are the first and best teachers, who instruct, mould and guide to transform society from inside of their homes.

As society allows selfishness to take primacy in their lives, he called on mothers as the ultimate influencers to nurture (the N in “mine”) a sense of community and citizenship.

“Finally, the E in ‘mine’’ is “educate and expose.” Mothers, ramp up your efforts to educate and expose your children to God’s unconditional love and abundant grace.

“Teach them that if they walk with and talk to God, they would never be alone for He will guide them,” Seepersad said.