Prayer is an effectiveweapon against covid


THE EDITOR: TT is facing a deep national crisis which surpasses all that we have faced before. It is the covid19 pandemic, which requires divine and physical intervention to ensure our survival.

Therefore prayer, common sense and a sense of purpose, as alluded to by our Prime Minister, becomes the most effective weapons to combat this force of evil which threatens to destroy our very human existence.

The combination of prayers and co-operation, the personal and collective responsibility of each and every one of us, a spiritual army platform – a coalition against covid19 of sorts – are what we really need to ensure this destruction does not happen, for our own sake and our children’s sake.

Prayer is a freedom guaranteed to us by our Constitution and a God-given right to all humanity. The opportunity to pray is a privilege, honour and sacred duty. History has proven that forces of evil will wage war against our freedom; murders, kidnappings and bombings have all shed blood on TT soil.

Moreover, violent crime has invaded our homes and schools, while drugs and alcohol abuse rage against the innocence of our youths; non-communicable and communicable diseases threaten our existence, as we are experiencing at present. All such forces of darkness threaten our morality, integrity, resolve and faith.

Therefore, prayer for our nation and a sense of national purpose are our primary defence. Now is the time to be resolute in our defiance against these forces of destruction – to unite as a disciplined nation and people – nurturing this spirit of national common sense and personal responsibility and not succumbing to indiscipline, negativity, panic and fear, which can cause further havoc and loss of life.

Therefore, we must pray for our empowerment as TT citizens to do our part responsibly, socially, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to support all who have been affected by tragedy.

Pray that God will encourage us as a people, and strengthen us as a nation, that He will surround us and all our loved ones at home and abroad with his protection, guidance, love and mercy and that He will bring healing to our nation and peace and comfort to all those who are suffering as a result of this crisis.


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