PPV operators urged to cooperate with new road rules Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Minister of Transport and Mining, Audley Shaw, is appealing to public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators to cooperate in the implementation of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations to minimise disruptions in the sector.

“What I need from all of you after we have this special programme of transition into our new system, our new Act, our new Regulations, [is your commitment] to follow the rules.

“You must commit yourselves to be disciplined, operate in a judicious, respectful manner to your passengers and let us just lift up our standards,” he said.

Minister Shaw was addressing the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) road-safety round table on Thursday (December 8) at the Boulevard Baptist Church, Kingston.

The Regulations passed earlier this year make provisions to better apply the principles and purposes of the new Road Traffic Act 2018 in ensuring safety on the roadways.

The regulations cover areas such as fitness, registration and licensing of motor vehicles; licensing of drivers; certification of driving instructors and licensing of driving schools; traffic signs, speed limits and rules of the road.

Minister Shaw said that the legislative measures will provide an opportunity for the streamlining of the sector.

“At this point now where we are having a transition to a new Act and new Regulations, this must be a time for us to clean up the operations,” he said.

Minister Shaw met with operators and other stakeholders from the transport sector on the new road rules, which take effect shortly.

The operators lobbied for a traffic ticket payment plan and expressed concern about having their licences suspended for racking up significant amounts of unpaid outstanding tickets.

They also appealed for training and the installation of additional bus stops along the Constant Spring Road corridor, where they can legally drop off/pick up passengers.