Power cut during Prime Minister’s press conference

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley after there was a power cut during a post-Cabinet press conference at Whitehall on June 13. – Photo by Narissa Fraser

POWER was temporarily lost during the post-Cabinet press conference at Whitehall in the afternoon on June 13.

Electricity returned shortly afterwards.

The press conference was set to start at 2.30 pm, but began at 2.42 pm.

After the Prime Minister had been speaking for about three minutes, electricity went in the room where the press conference was being held.

Surrounding rooms still had electricity.

Dr Rowley apologised and told reporters, “We can’t function like this, can we?”

Checks were done and electricity was restored.

The cause remains uncertain. Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi said a “hard restart” was done and that some tests would be done before the press conference resumed.

The conference resumed at 3:05 pm.