Pope Francis Shows Rare Moment Of Rage In Mexico


Pope Francis showed rare but visible anger in Mexico.

By NAN Contributor

News Americas, CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico, Thurs. Feb. 18, 2016: Pope Francis surprisingly got angry with an overly zealous fan in the Mexican heat as the pontiff wrapped up his first trip to the Central American nation that is home to millions of Catholics.

Pope Francis, according to video footage shot by Reuters, is seen showing clear anger towards a spectator in the Morelia stadium who pulled on him so hard that he fell onto the head of a child in a wheel chair.

Aides and security men rushed in to help the Holy Father and prevent him from falling to the ground. While it is unclear who the person was that pulled him, it is clear in the video that once upright again, the pope got very irritated.

He looked at the person, raised his voice and said twice in Spanish: “Don’t be selfish!” (No seas egoísta!)

Pope Francis, meanwhile, paid his first trip to the US/Mexican border late yesterday afternoon ahead of mass in Ciudad Juarez. He put the spotlight squarely on U.S. immigration again, urging nations to follow the gospel and show compassion and mercy and not put up barriers.

No surprise, the pope came in for criticism from Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump, who said Pope Francis does not understand the danger of the open border with Mexico.

To which the Vatican responded Tuesday, that immigration is close to the pontiff’s heart and he will continue to speak out for migrants and on migration around the world.

See video below:

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