Police looking at restructuring 22 specialised units

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. –

THERE are 22 specialised units within the police service that may face some kind of restructuring as the executive of the police service hopes to better train middle management officers to take over leadership positions.

On Monday, DCP McDonald Jacob said management of the human resource of the police service is affecting the service’s ability to fight crime.

Jacob spoke following a meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, former acting police commissioner James Philbert and executive members of that ministry.

During a media conference after the meeting, Jacob said the re-organising of specialised units would augur well for the police service as leaders in certain areas would receive training in other departments to make them better able to lead the organisation.

“When you have specialisation, as officers get promoted and move up, they need to be superiors. And if they are specialised in only one area, then it affects them as managers and as leaders. So therefore we need to strike a balance,” Jacob said as he explained the rationale behind the restructuring and retraining initiative.

Jacob said the plan to implement a sexual offences unit will now be changed to allow a Special Victims Unit which would consist of the Child Protection Unit, the Gender Based Violence Unit and the Sexual Offences Investigative Unit.

Two years ago, former police commissioner Gary Griffith planned to implement an animal cruelty unit which was to be manned by selected officers from each division to address crimes against animals.

Under Griffith, the Gender Based Violence Unit was formed along with the Coastal Patrol and Riverine Unit and the Special Operations Response Team (SORT).

Jacob said what is needed is the proper rationalisation of the manpower of the various units and sections. He did not say how soon this restructuring will be completed.

TTPS Special Units:

The Coastal and Riverine Patrol Unit

Rapid Response Unit

The Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Department

Child Protection Unit

Complaints Division

Court and Process Branch

Crime and Problem Analysis Branch

Cyber Crime and Social Media Unit

Financial Investigations Branch

Fraud Squad

Gender Based Violence Unit

Guard and Emergency Branch

Homicide Bureau of Investigations

Inter-Agency Task Force

Mounted and Canine Branch

Professional Standards Bureau

Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch

Transport and Telecom Branch

Special Branch

Special Investigations Unit

Special Operations Response Team