PNM Tobago leader: Farley has questions to answer

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

PNM political leader Ancil Dennis –

PNM Tobago political leader Ancil Dennis says the Chief Secretary has some questions to answer.

These questions, Dennis added, arise from claims of wrongdoing raised by PDP political leader Watson Duke during a press conference on Thursday in which Duke also announced he was quitting as deputy Chief Secretary.

Dennis made his views clear when he was contacted for a comment after Duke’s press conference.

The former chief secretary made it clear he was not bothered or interested in the internal rumblings of the PDP, but said issued publicly raised by Duke against Augustine, were troubling.

“The bacchanal in the PDP, quite frankly, is the least of my concerns. I am not interested with the internal developments of the PDP. Tobagonians should have expected this kind of outbreak, maybe not so soon but it should have been expected at some point,” Dennis said.

However, he said his interest lies in the impact of the PDP rumblings on Tobago, Tobagonians and the integrity of the Assembly.

“Mr Watson Duke asked some very serious questions of the Chief Secretary. He made some statements concerning the granting of contracts to Trinidad entities and those questions have to be answered, because they attacked the very integrity of the Office of the Chief Secretary. They (Duke’s allegations) attack the very integrity of the procurement processes in the assembly.”

For his part, THA Minority Leader Kelvon Morris said he will not engage in speculation. But he called on Duke bring the evidence he has to prove his claims on Thursday of impropriety in the THA.

“He has a lawful duty to report these matters to the relevant law enforcement authorities for investigations and let the chips fall where they may,” Morris said.

“I have always maintained that we all have a duty as citizens to report evidence of wrongdoing and applaud right, where people have done well. Wrong must always be wrong and right must always be right…plain and simple,” Morris said.