PM: Renewables projects to reduce CO2 emissions 15% by 2030


THE PRIME MINISTER announced two projects between government and local energy companies that will provide the country with clean energy at a cost on par with current electricity output.

In a feature address at the Energy Chamber’s conference held virtually on Wednesday, Dr Rowley announced that BP and Shell will assist government in projects to produce a large amount of energy capable of powering the country in the same way natural gas has been able to.

The projects would be part of an overall initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 15 per cent, by 2030.

Rowley said that while covid19 put on pause a few steps leading to the completion of the project, as soon as the country is fully reopened, the project will continue.

“Significant improvements in renewable energy means we now can begin diversification, knowing that we are not compromising our supply of electricity while reducing our carbon footprint,” Rowley said.

He said several local companies in the agriculture and food processing, transport, hospitality, construction and retail industries have been working on reducing their carbon footprint

Rowley said the demand for oil and gas drastically reduced because of covid19, but the effects of the virus are only temporary as countries slowly return to a sense of normalcy. He said while factors prompting the worldwide push to transition to renewable energy have changed temporarily climate change remains a major factor in the reasoning to move to clean and sustainable energy.

“Such a great number of energy companies have risen to the challenge of energy efficiency and I applaud their initiatives but rest assured, the government has not been sitting idly by,” Rowley said

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