PM not consulted before change of TSTT CEO

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Former TSTT CEO Lisa Agard. –

The Prime Minister has said he was not consulted before the Telecommunications Services of TT (TSTT) CEO was changed last week. Dr Rowley’s response came to a question posed by a journalist during Monday’s post-cabinet media briefing on whether he was consulted before the CEO’s “dismissal,” given the state is the company’s majority shareholder. Asked if he was informed of the move in advance, Rowley said: “I knew that there were attempts made to ensure that there was accountability and that the government would get a clear and accurate report from the company…That much I knew.” Former CEO Agard was replaced last Wednesday and was replaced by former TSTT GM (customer experience and marketing) Kent Western.

Neither the company nor Agard has since stated the reason for the change or whether she was indeed “dismissed.”

The move came weeks after the telecommunications provider was hacked, losing six gigabytes of sensitive customer information. The company did not inform the public of the attack until weeks after the event and downplayed its significance. Agard, along with other management members, has since garnered heavy criticism from the public over how the matter was handled.