PM: Local government reform coming regardless of election result

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Dr Keith Rowley –

The Prime Minister said regardless of the result of the local government elections on Monday, Government will still press on with local government reform.

He made the statement after voting at the International School of Port of Spain in Westmoorings on Monday afternoon.

“We are the government of Trinidad and Tobago and our responsibility is not going to fade. We will still be active and we will continue to keep our commitment to the people of TT,” Dr Rowley said while speaking to media outside the school.

“This is not about the government being elected. The government is in office and will remain there until the next election is called, and we will work until the very last day. We will continue to contribute so the country could keep moving upward and forward.”

He said local government reform will give citizens more say in governance and will better connect the people with the government.

“Sometimes you hear complaints that after polling you don’t see the government until the next election. Well, that can change considerably in local government, because there is provision in the local government with dealing with you at a personal level, whereas the central government is dealing with you at a national level, setting the framework.

“But where the national level meets with you at your household, in your street and at your home, that is local government.”

He said the process was straightforward, and reports coming in indicated that there were no issues for the day.

From his information, he described the flow of foot traffic at the polling stations as “slow and steady.”

He also said the turnout seemed to be approximately 30-35 per cent, as it had been for the past few elections.