PM: Chief Secretary is guilty of witness tampering

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Prime Minister Dr Rowley – Photo by Keith Rowley

The Prime Minister is warning of serious repercussion coming out of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Farley Augustine’s “production” during a special sitting on Wednesday morning where Augustine accused Dr Rowley, the Commissioner of Police, and other senior officials of plotting to undermining the THA.

At a post Cabinet briefing, at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s on Thursday afternoon, Rowley said, “What he would have done and he has not been accused of is taking personal steps by his production of that situation to suborn testimony to undermine an ongoing police investigation where he is a person on the investigation with serious charges –likely or possibly to come his way.”

In what Rowley described as “a remarkable 24 hours” he promised not let this matter be ignored.

He said the court will determine what is right and what is wrong as he plans to take any legal action available.

Rowley pointed out that the man named by Augustine, Akil Abdullah, stated in the video shown in the assembly that he is a witness cooperating closely with the police in the THA audio recording investigation.

“When the Chief secretary would have done, as far as he is concerned, the police investigation which he denigrated in the production as far as he’s concerned, that should go the way of all flesh and disappear; the chief secretary in the THA has put himself above the law and has taken steps to ensure that he doesn’t only think he is above the law but that he acts to put himself about the law.”