PinexGinja announces fourth staging in Ghana Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

PinexGinja (Pine and Ginja), the Jamaican-themed event based in Accra, Ghana, which promotes authentic dancehall culture, is returning to Ghana this year on December 24, 2022, for its fourth staging.

The upcoming shows comes on the heels of an expanded footprint in West Africa this year with a residency in Nigeria.

The theme of PinexGinja this year is ‘Chale Wi Tallawah’. The phrase is a combination of Ghanaian and Jamaican words. Chale in Ghana means ‘friend’, and tallawah in Jamaica is “strong”.

Building on their goal of connecting members of the African Diaspora together, the organisers of PinexGinja–the MSBC Group– are looking to bring the same experience of authenticity and a piece of Jamaica to patrons in Ghana.

“At PinexGinja, our goal is about using culture, specifically Jamaican dancehall and musical culture, to act as a runway for members of the Diaspora to connect and build. So, this is something we enjoy doing, and we are humbled and elated to bring more of Jamaica to the motherland, especially during its 60th year of independence celebrations,” said Mark Beckford, the founder of PinexGinja.

“As our theme this year says, PinexGinja like Ghana and Jamaica is punching above its weight and making an important mark,” Beckford continued.

The event will boast DJs from Ghana, Jamaica and the US.

“At PinexGinja, we think that Jamaican culture travels very well. We have seen evidence of that with the Verzuz online event with Beenie and Bounty, Usain in Stormzy’s music video and just Jamaican music popping up over and over again. PinexGinja is a space to celebrate that,” he said.

“We have some major plans for December and will be continuing to deliver the high-energy vibes and mood that we are known for. Stay tuned to the space at and our socials @pinexginja,” he said.

One of the key persons behind the expansion in Nigeria, Nykeeba Brown, said bringing Jamaican culture to Nigeria was monumental. Brown, who lives in Lagos, believes that Jamaican culture has a place in the city of 15 million inhabitants.

“I am very happy that this event took place. The residency has been in the ideation phase since the beginning of the year, and I believe that Lagos is primed for the infusion of Jamaican culture into the very vibrant entertainment scene here. Jamaican music and culture has a unique heritage and special pedigree, and with the success of Nigerian music, it is the perfect time and blends of energies,” she said.

Brown, who goes by the name DJ Quenchie (@djquenchie) said the residency highlighted Jamaican music, food and vibes curated and inspired by Jamaicans.

“While Jamaican vibes and music and DJs drove the residency, we represented where we are based. We are looking to continue as well,” she said.