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The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting that there were no new crime-fighting ideas from Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet, who had written him an open letter on the issue last week.

“You saw the letter from the Leader of the Opposition. There’s nothing there that can happen today, absolutely nothing,” Pierre declared.

The Prime Minister observed that no one should pretend crime could stop today.

“Nobody stopped it today. I can’t stop it today,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, asserted.

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“It’s incremental, it’s work in progress and we’re working towards it,” he explained.

“I’ve asked, I have put in public – anyone who has the solution to the crime problem for today, I’ll join with them,” the Castries East MP stated.

“Anyone who pretends that there’s a today solution is basically being dishonest and it’s not the time to play politics or to gloat,” he told reporters.

And regarding Chastanet’s letter, Pierre explained that it contained nothing that could happen ‘today’.

“It’s just……. either revised things of what we are doing – there’s nothing new. The Leader of the Opposition has presented no new ideas,” Pierre noted.

“And if you compare it to my suggestions, they’re basically similar, but mine are more real,” he stated.

In this regard, the Prime Minister highlighted the issue of compulsory polygraph tests.

“The Leader of the Opposition speaks about compulsory polygraph tests. The constitution of the country may deal with that. You can’t compel people to do these things unless they are accused,” Pierre told reporters.

“These are people’s human rights. I would like to have it, but it can’t be compulsory,” he said.

Pierre described the crime situation as one of grave concern.

“I am concerned. The whole Cabinet is concerned. But what I do not understand is people are pretending that it just happened and it’s a quick-fix and you must fix it today,” he declared.

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