Photos of the day: July 22


Newsday photographers captured some of these images reflecting the past 24 hours in Trinidad and Tobago. Other photos were submitted by readers like you.

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Employees gathered outside the Pennywise Outlet located on upper Charlotte Street in Port of Spain, at the end of an anxious work day, after the news that a person infected with the coronavirus may have visited the store. The news was later confirmed to be false, with the Ministry of Health giving clearance to re-open for business. – ROGER JACOB
Employees of the Pennywise outlet located on upper Charlotte Street in Port of Spain, in the store awaiting further instructions from upper management, before the all clear was given by the officials of the Ministry of Health for their operations to resume. – ROGER JACOB
A worker dressed in his PPE gear walks past the Pennywise Cosmetics, Long Circular Mall branch after a customer suspected of interacting with a coronavirus patient visited Pennywise. – AYANNA KINSALE
Workers from the High Court and environs gather on the Promenade after word of a bomb scare in the Court on Wednesday morning. – CHEQUANA WHEELER
A bomb specialist inspects vehicles outside the High Court, located on Harris Street, San Fernando on Wednesday morning. – CHEQUANA WHEELER
A police officer walks with a K9 dog near the High Court located on Harris Street, San Fernando, on Wednesday morning. – CHEQUANA WHEELER
This slippers display on the pavement outside a store on Charlotte Street Port of Spain looks nice but it is obstructing the free flow of pedestrians. – SUREASH CHOLAI
No physical distancing and many not wearing a mask, here on Frederick Street in Port of Spain – SUREASH CHOLAI


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