Peterson Morales wants to build strong relationships in Lengua/Indian Walk

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Peterson Morales. – Photo by Venessa Mohammed

ENTERING this second battle for Lengua/Indian Walk is Independent candidate Peterson Marinus Morales, 57, an electrical engineering technician.

Unlike his competition, Morales is not a resident of the electoral district he hopes to represent, as he lives in New Grant.

This is his second attempt at a local government election, having previously contested the Hindustan/St Mary’s seat in 2021 as an independent. He got 16 votes, losing to UNC’s Tylon Farrell, who received 1,178.

Morales said he decided to contest the seat because he did not believe the two major political parties were serving burgesses adequately.

Furthermore, he believes running without a ticket gives him more freedom to speak his mind.

“When you look at what they are selling us…the message I have to sell, I can’t sell it under them. The challenge you have in Trinidad is you can’t have an open voice. Once you have an independent voice of what the party selling…you can’t say it because it may conflict with their (the party’s) political engine.”

Describing himself as a solution-oriented man, he said he attended many public national consultations and frequently called into various talk shows on radio and television to share his opinions on current issues.

He believes what he lacks in political experience is more than adequately compensated by the fresh ideas he brings to the table. If successful, he said he would extend an ongoing welfare programme, pledging 25 per cent of his councillor’s salary toward it. He also intends to get buy-in from other non-governmental organisations to help those in need.

Given the span and rurality of the area, he envisions a mobile office which will rove around the electoral district.

He also intends to build strong relationships with all businesses and schools in the area.

Morales promises that once elected, his phone numbers will not change, he will always be available to his burgesses and will visit each home to meet everyone.

Whatever the outcome of this election, Morales said he intends to contest the next general election, which is due by the end of 2025.