People need to know Govt has virus plan


THE EDITOR: The problem with the Minister of Health’s recent pronouncements about the covid19 virus is that it carries with it the assumption that a “fortress TT” is possible. That it is possible to prevent the arrival of the coronavirus to our shores.

Remember we are the same country that cannot stop illegal immigration from Venezuela, cannot stop drug smuggling, cannot stop gun smuggling. But we are to believe we can prevent the virus from entering our shores.

We cannot blame the people for being conspiracy minded and believing that a government will cover up a possible outbreak. After all, the population has been trained for decades to believe that government works by conspiracy.

We are all still waiting for the identity of the dustbin bomber and whoever exploded a device in the elevator of the Government Plaza Parkade. We are all waiting to see if any actual illegalities were uncovered in the 100 bill changeover or if it was just designed to discover people’s savings.

So people cannot be blamed for thinking that government works by conspiracy.

What people need to hear is that we are prepared for when the covid19 virus does inevitably appear. We need to know that separate buildings have been prepared for quarantine, treatment and recovery. We need to know the Government has stockpiled medical supplies. We need public information programmes on hygiene.

In short, we need to know the Government has a plan and isn’t just hoping the virus will ignore us.


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