Penal Rock Road residents complain about bad roads

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Newsday reporter Laurel Williams looks at a section of the Penal Rock Road damaged by landslips during a visit to the area on Friday. – Lincoln Holder

Despite numerous pleas for the authorities to fix the bad roads on Penal Rock Road in Moruga throughout the years, all calls appear to have gone unheeded.

Speaking to Newsday on Friday, residents of Santa Maria Village said the roads resembled tracks and there were many landslips. They said the increase in fuel prices combined with the constant need to repair cars damaged by the bad roads had taken a toll on their pockets.

Tommy Morales’ house has a huge landslip in front of it, and another is nearby on the corner of Blas Cha Cha Trace and Penal Rock Road.

Many cars have stalled in both spots because of constant land movement, residents said.

The road is in a “dire need of an uplift.”

“Ninety-five per cent of the road is impassable. It gets worse when rains falls. There are no taxis between Basse Terre Village and Santa Maria Village. When it rains, things get even worse,” said resident Onika Edwards

“Governments come and go, and the situation continues to worsen. Residents have been appealing and pleading for the road to fix for years and look at its state in 2022.”

Penal Rock Road connects Penal Junction, near the Penal Police Station, with Basse Terre Village in Moruga.