PDP’s Taitt promises fair representation to Signal Hill/Patience Hill

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Nigel Taitt –

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) candidate for Signal Hill/Patience Hill Nigel Taitt is promising to represent residents of the electoral district with fairness, regardless of their status or political affiliation, if he wins the seat in the December 6 THA election.

He made the promise on Wednesday night during the party’s D’ Workshop virtual forum.

“I want to represent my constituency impartially, with honesty, dignity and showing no favouritism. I want to give you the proper accountability and transparency you deserve,” Taitt said.

Describing himself as a proud product of Signal Hill/Patience Hill, Taitt quipped, “I’m a fair man, despite my colour.”

Telling supporters he intends to be their chief servant, Taitt said residents will have a say in the development of the electoral district.

“I am prepared to offer the type of representation that allows us all to work together in fixing various problems and challenges affecting us.”

The Patience Hill/Signal Hill electoral district includes communities such as Orange Hill, Spring Garden, Union and a portion of Lambeau.

Taitt, who is being challenged by PNM Tobago Council political leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine, listed improper drainage, unemployment, underemployment, poor road infrastructure, inadequate water supplies and lack of assistance for small businesses as some of the issues plaguing the district.

The community activist also spoke about the development he would like to see in the area. These include more sporting and cultural activities, workshops to assist in youth development, support for elderly and childhood centres and programmes for residents with special needs.

“With me nobody eh getting left out. None. If you (have) one (foot), no foot – whatsoever – I am coming to pick you up to come and learn something. Whatever challenge you have, the PDP party there to help allyuh and I, Nigel Taitt, willing to serve and assist everyone regardless of what challenges you may have.”

He added, “This is one of the reasons I got into politics, to make a difference. Tobago needs a change. Tobago needs better representation. Tobago needs to be properly developed.”

Taitt believes Tobagonians have been living on promises for too long.

“As a Tobagonian, we have to be the change if we want to see the change, so we can all boast and be proud of our island of Tobago. The time is now for us to take stock of our future. The decision we make now is integral for the kind of governance we want to finally see on this island.

“You must be part of the struggle too, to effectively represent people. Their hunger is my hunger. Their cries are my cries. When I grow, my constituency grows. When I speak about their needs, I speak from the heart because my people are my heart. That is what true representation I all about.”