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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

It appears that the Government could settle on a new “final strategy” by this week, for the payment of outstanding traffic tickets by motorists, including taxi operators who recently demonstrated in search of a payment plan.

The disclosure was made by Transport and Mining Minister, Audley Shaw, during a Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services’ (TODSS) stakeholders’ road safety conference on Thursday.

Following a warning by Justice Minister Delroy Chuck for motorists to “pay up” their outstanding tickets after their request for a payment plan or a traffic ticket amnesty were denied by the Government, night and Saturday courts were implemented by the Court Administration Division (CAD) to facilitate the payments.

Now, according to Shaw, it should be appreciated that some individuals definitely need extra time to pay for the tickets that they have accumulated.

“I just want to say that the Government, at this time, is actively reviewing the way forward in respect of all these outstanding tickets that are in the system, and that have not been paid for,” said Shaw.

“The issue, by the way, is not just about money. The issue going forward has to be about the safety of our people,” he advised.

“So, we are working with… Cabinet, and by Monday, Cabinet will have to sign off on the final strategy in relation to outstanding tickets,” the minister stated.

In noting that Cabinet has received a proposal from TODSS relative to the requested payment arrangements for outstanding traffic tickets, Shaw said the proposal is being carefully assessed.

“… And they (Cabinet) have gotten a proposal from TODSS, and I want to let you know that we are looking very carefully at that proposal, because we recognise that some of the people who have built up a lot of tickets obviously are going to need a little time to pay them off,” stated Shaw.