Passenger robs driver at gunpoint in Gasparillo

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


After a bar patron agreed to give a man a drop to Gasparillo, the man robbed him at gunpoint early Saturday.

Police said the victim was at Limers Bar at Second Street, off Battoo Avenue, Marabella, with a group of friends. A man approached him and asked for a ride to Gasparillo, and the unsuspecting victim agreed.

On Saturday, the two left the bar at around 1.10 am, in a rented blue Nissan Note driven by the patron. The man sat in the back seat behind the driver.

While driving along Battoo Avenue, near the Union Road intersection, the suspect pointed a gun at the driver and announced a robbery.

The gunman demanded the driver hand over the car.

The victim became fearful for his life, stopped the car, got out and ran off.

The suspect got in the driver’s seat, and drove off along Union Road; the police were contacted.

PCs Acevero and Boochun of the Marabella CID responded to the report, and interviewed the victim.

The officers later got a tipoff, went to Anand Circular Drive in Gasparillo, near some abandoned houses, and found the stolen car. The car was taken to the San Fernando police station.

PC Boochun is leading the investigation.

The suspect is of African descent, about five feet, eight inches tall. He is slim, with a low haircut, and appears to be in his early 20s.