Parents warn Signal Hill students after chopping incident

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Signal Hill Secondary School –

AFTER an alleged chopping incident at Signal Hill Secondary involving two male students, some parents have urged their children to take extra precautions and avoid confrontation.

Police reported that around 10.40 am on Thursday, the students got into a heated argument on the school’s premises. During the quarrel, one of the boys whipped out a sharp object and chopped the other student.

One student was taken into police custody on inquiries, while the wounded student was warded at the Scarborough General Hospital.

One parent from Mt St George, whose child is in form one, told Newsday, “Since the incident, I have told my child do not fight or curse anyone in school – if anything happens, inform a teacher. I also told my child to group with children who want to excel.”

One parent from Scarborough said, “I have spoken to my child seriously since the incident. I told him stay away from trouble and come home straight after school dismiss.

“I have actually started praying for him to return home safely from school, because I know he does not take lash and does not know how to walk away when provoked, so I am a bit fearful for him. He is in the same class with the boys involved in the incident.”

Raquel Mills of Whim, the mother of a form one student, said, “I have no fear for my child since the incident. I have always instilled in my child how to behave, from day one. And not just for school, for every walk of life.

“Violence exists in every school, I have another child attending Scarborough Secondary School, and he talks about incidents at the school all the time, but some of it never reaches the media.

“So, it’s not a Signal Hill Comprehensive thing. When I attended secondary school there were also serious incidents.”

The incident has since been strongly condemned by the Division of Education, Research and Technology. In a media release last week, the division said an investigation is being carried out into the incident, and that the safety and security of all students remain the number one priority of the division.

TTUTA Tobago officer Brandon Roberts is calling for a consultation of education stakeholders to address violence and indiscipline in schools.

Police are continuing inquiries.