Pan back in the dance


With Carnival 2018 just over two months away, on February 12 and 13 –from the official start of the feteing season on January 1 to Carnival weekend– over 130 fetes have been listed for venues all over TT.

Most noticeable is the rise in cooler fetes/cruises and the fall of the all-inclusive fetes from a time when the latter outnumbered all other fetes combined.

So far for 2018, 38 all-inclusive parties have been advertised, 38 cooler fetes, 25 cooler cruises/boat rides, a dozen each for the drinks-inclusive parties and breakfast parties, as well as a few block o’s and pool parties.

The all-inclusive fetes prices range from $650 to $850, a step down from previous years, though a few have a price tag upwards of $1,200.

The cooler fetes and boat rides on the other hand, range in price from $150 to $350.

However, on Carnival weekend the breakfast parties prices quoted in US dollars start at US$100 and go up to $150. No doubt these promoters will be looking to capitalise on the tourist dollar as visitor arrivals peak by that weekend.

But there is one fete in particular that stands out. It is billed as Paninclusive – Pan Lime in D City, the ultra premium all-inclusive Carnival experience.

This all-inclusive fete is scheduled for the Government Campus Plaza on Richmond Street in Port of Spain on February 4, and will feature pan music in a big way. That aspect of Carnival had died over the years with pan music being excluded by most fete promoters. Paninclusive has contracted CAL Invaders Steel Orchestra to welcome guests to the ambience of the latest venue of choice, in the capital city.

But the pan music does not stop there. Patrons can expect an onstage performance by the 2017 National Panorama champion Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra, fused with the styling of the Dil E Nadan Orchestra, and D All Starz Band, as well as the fire of “King” David Rudder and the Wayne Bruno Rapid Response Orchestra, in addition, music to chip out of the plaza will be provided by Woodbrook Playboyz Steel Orchestra.

The wear white affair will also include the launch of Paninclusive’s own fashion line by PanLime Criston Michael; a culinary explosion featuring dishes from TT, France, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Morocco and the Caribbean, as well as premium drinks.

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