Pakistan election: Why voters backed Nawaz Sharif


Nawaz Sharif has established himself as the most successful politician in Pakistan’s history. It’s not just that he has won an unprecedented third term as prime minister. He has also survived sustained corruption allegations, periods of deep unpopularity, imprisonment, exile and being thrown out of power in a military coup. The last time he lived in Prime Minster’s House, in the late 1990s, his main objective was to see off anyone who challenged his authority. Frustrated by opposition in the parliament, he tried to pass a constitutional amendment that would have enabled him to enforce Sharia law. He also confronted other power centres – a mob of his supporters ransacked the…

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UN: Some 800,000 People to Need Food Aid in Niger

NIAMEY, NIGER — Some 800,000 people will require food aid in Niger in the coming months despite a good harvest last year due to problems supplying cereals to markets, which have pushed up prices, and an influx of Malian refugees, the United Nations said….