What’s happening?

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JPS customers have been using BlackBerry Messenger to garner support for an islandwide demonstration dubbed ‘Black Out Friday’.

Road fatalities on the rise

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Blood continues to flow needlessly, on the highways and byways, as motor-vehicle bang-ups are showing very little signs of slowing.Data is signalling that, albeit marginally, a higher number of Jamaicans have lost…

Step it up!

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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Dr Ken Baugh said there was much work to be done to grasp the potential for enhancing trade and attracting investments within and outside…

Takeover imminent

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CABINET WILL soon be asked to approve the takeover of construction on the Mount Rosser leg of the Highway 2000 by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC).CHEC, which…

MoBay corporates give scholarships

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WESTERN BUREAU: Three prospective medical doctors, a lawyer, an actuarial science and food chemist, nurse and a business management student were among the recipients accepting a record J$1.5 million in scholarships…

The importance of forgiveness

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HELLO MI neighbour! With blood in his eyes he was determined to wipe out the woman who cleaned him out and disappeared.She was an old friend he had planned to marry, having decided to settle down.

Concerned about cousin

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Q: My 14-year-old son went abroad for the summer.During his visit, he saw his 15-year-old cousin’s forearm with a lot of cut marks on it. He said he asked his aunt about it, but she did not answer him.

Queries on autism

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Q: I need some help understanding autism.My sister in Canada has a son who has been identified as autistic. She has two older normal children.