Over 60 held on yacht in Carenage, pistol seized

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Police have again arrested a number of people found aboard a yacht in Carenage early on Monday morning.

This came over a week after over 100 people were temporarily detained aboard the Ocean Pelican vessel in Chaguaramas for breaching the public health regulations.

Police confirmed that members of the Western Division were doing surveillance on a vessel in the waters near Carenage at around 12.30 am, then intercepted it and ordered it to return to land.

One officer said 67 people, including several soldiers and sailors, were arrested and taken to the Carenage police station, where they remained up to 9.30 am on Monday.

On searching the boat, police found a pistol.

Investigators said unlike the case of the Ocean Pelican, those held aboard this vessel are expected to be charged immediately.

The yacht is now in the custody of the coast guard at Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas.

One officer warned the public to stop trying to find ways around the public health regulations and said such activities would not be tolerated.

“It’s getting ridiculous now.

“We need people to listen closely and do their part to avoid spreading this virus. It’s not something we will be taking lightly, no matter what excuse.”

The exercise involved the Western Division CID, Task Force, the police riverine unit and the coast guard.