Over 100 children treated to inspirational movie at C3

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

From left: Pamela Jagmohan, Samantha Jagmohan, Sandra Nancoo, Bravani Nancoo, Felicia Jagmohan, Nisha Bhim, Vivek Bhim, Alyssa Ramkissoon and Amelia Lala gather at C3 Mall in San Fernando for the showing of the movie, Chandu Champion, on Sunday. – Venessa Mohammed

OVER 100 special-needs children from across southern Trinidad were treated to a movie day at MovieTowne in C3 Centre, San Fernando on Sunday.

The initiative was a partnership between MovieTowne Cinemas and VIC Ltd, a company responsible for bringing Bollywood films to the Caribbean.

The children were treated to a VIP experience in the cinema’s dedicated lounge where they looked at the new release, Chandu Champion. The Kabir Khan biopic tells the story of India’s first Paralympic Gold Medalist Murlikant Petkar.

VIC head, Raj Maharaj told Newsday the movie was selected to help inspire the children.

“In the present times, children are in need of some sort of information to move positively in life, to move forward with the hope that regardless of circumstances, they could achieve greatness in whatever respect they want.”

Executive member of Lady Hochoy Vocational Centre Sister Antoinette Fahey and Giovanni Maharaj at a special showing of Chadu Champion at Movietowne’s VIP cinema in C3 Centre, San Fernando, on Sunday. – Venessa Mohammed

MovieTowne San Fernando’s operations manager Patricia Serette said the company was excited to be a partner and help make an impact in the children’s lives.

“Mr Maharaj as well as our chairman Mr Chin have a passion for giving back, and this was one of the ways that they give back – by having the children experience something that they may not ordinarily have an opportunity to, and as well to expose them to culture…”

While the organisers focused primarily on inspiring the children, parents and child stakeholders were happy the children were able to come together at a social event.

Children of the Lady Hochoy Vocational Centre in Gasparillo await the start of Chandu Champion at Movietowne’s VIP Cinema at C3 Centre, San Fernando, on Sunday. – Venessa Mohammed

Phillipine resident Indira Ramlogan said she was pleased her 17-year-old daughter, who has Down syndrome, was able to have an experience other girls her age frequently enjoyed.

“My daughter, we really don’t send her anywhere, we are always with her. So it’s good for her to have friends and socialise in a regular environment which is like here. Because you know teenagers, they come here and hang out, (but) she does not get that opportunity because we’re always with her.”

Much like the organisers hoped, manager of the Lady Hochoy Home Sister Antoinette Fahay, too, believed the movie’s message was critical for the children.

“Our children love sports. They participate in the national and also in the international Special Olympics and this movie will give them an opportunity to see: if you persevere, even if you don’t win in the beginning and you persevere, you can be successful.

“Most of them (children) do not achieve academic success, but when it comes to sports and other social activities, they can do very very well.

“In fact, they can even come up to the standard of their ‘normal’ peers or even become better than them. So such an event would give them the opportunity to show them it was possible for one person and it can be possible for them.”