One shot dead, two chopped in separate incidents on Saturday

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A MAN was shot dead and two people chopped in separate incidents on Saturday night, in La Horquetta and Malabar respectively.

In the first incident, a 41-year-old man was shot near his home in La Horquetta on Saturday night. He has been identified as Mosakiel Rose of Anthony Prospect Avenue, Phase Five.

Police said that at about 11 pm, officers on patrol in La Horquetta got a report of gunshots in La Horquetta. They got to David Bloom Avenue and found Rose’s body lying along a track. He had been shot multiple times. Crime scene investigators recovered 10 spent 9mm shells at the scene.

Then at around 11.35 pm, police had to respond to a report of a multiple chopping incident in Malabar.

Police reports said that a woman went to the Malabar police station and said she was sitting at her home in Malabar Main Road, Malabar, when a white Nissan Tiida pulled up and two men armed with cutlasses and wearing balaclavas exited the vehicle.

The masked men asked for Doodnath Pabaroo, known as “Natty Natty,” who was inside the house at the time. The masked men then forced their way into the house, and the woman, fearful for her life, flagged down a passing car and escaped. She later made her way to the police station.

Malabar police went down to the house and found out that Pabaroo, 54, and another relative 24-year-old David Pabaroo, of the same address, were already taken to the Arima Hospital after being chopped.

Police spoke with doctors at the Arima Health Facility who informed them that the two victims severe chops to their heads leaving their skulls fractured. Both men were transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where they were treated and are warded in stable condition. No motive was given for the chopping. Police said no arrests have been made in either incidents.