Off-duty cops fend off bandits

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo

Two off-duty police officers with firearms user’s licences got into a shoot-out with bandits who tried to rob them of their car and valuables early on Sunday.

According to police reports, PCs Cato, of the North Eastern Division Gang Intelligence Unit, and Hyde of the Morvant CID were both in Cato’s Nissan Navarra on Private Road, Mt Hope, at 1 am on Sunday with two women in the back seat, when they were approached by two men, one holding a gun.

The two men announced a robbery and demanded that Cato, Hyde and the other occupants get out of the van.

Both officers, fearing for their lives, drew their licensed firearms and shot at the bandits. A shoot-out ensued with the two officers and the bandits exchanging gunfire as a beige Nissan X-Trail pulled in front of the bandits for them to get in.

The bandits got into the car and while speed off.

Immediately after, the occupants of a silver Nissan Tiida fired shots at the off-duty officers before speeding off as well.

In the aftermath, crime scene investigators recovered 29 spent 9mm shells at the scene. A black Toyota Aqua was damaged in the shoot-out.