ODPM reports impassable roads, landslides, flooding

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Screenshot taken from a video posted by the TT Met Office showing the collapsed part of the Manzanilla/Mayaro Road on Wednesday morning. –

THE Office of Disaster and Preparedness Management (ODPM) reported impassable roads, landslides and flooding on Thursday afternoon.

In its impact summary, the ODPM reported there was a medium (40 – 60 per cent) chance of isolated heavy showers or thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon, which it said were supposed to settle by Thursday evening.

There was a low chance (30 per cent) of odd isolated thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday that could result in flash flooding and gusty winds.

As a result of bad weather this week, the ODPM said, there was street flooding at Trantrill Road, St Augustine, making the road impassable. On Thursday afternoon, the Caroni River was at 81 per cent capacity, the North Oropouche River at 68 per cent and the South Oropouche River at 60 per cent capacity .

There were two landslides in the South/Central areas. At Mayo, Corosal Road, Gran Couva there was a landslide resulting in only small vehicles being able to pass. The second landslide was at Sahadath Road, Princes Town earlier this week.

In north Trinidad, there were reports of landslides along the Toco Main Road, Salybia. The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation was addressing that, the ODPM said. The regional corporation also responded to flooding at Guy Trace, North Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande.

Fishing Pond Road, near Seecharan Road and Gordon Miller land settlement, also had street flooding and was impassable to small and low vehicles. Valencia Road leading to the Toco Main Road was also flooded, as well as Vega de Oropouche off the Toco Main Road, near the North Oropouche River.

In central and surrounding areas, the ODPM said there was flooding at El Socorro South. The Ministry of Works and Transport was notified and brought water pumps to address the issue. Madras Road and St Helena were also flooded.

Flooding was reported in east Trinidad as well along the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road, which the ODPM said was impassable to small and low vehicles, as part of the road had collapsed. The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation’s technical department assisted the Ministry of Works and Transport with a backhoe to clear a path for the water to run off.

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation also had to respond to three reports of fallen trees at Fishing Pond, Toco Main Road and Paria Road, near Grande Riviere, which also had a landslide.