NTA welcomes Privy Council judgment

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: Gary Griffith

NATIONAL Transformation Alliance (NTA) political leader Gary Griffith welcomed Thursday’s Privy Council decision against the Government’s extension of the term of incumbent local government representatives by a year without going to the electorate.

In a statement, Griffith said, “We are preparing for the local government elections, and we have taken note of the judgment.”

He claimed the judgment was “consistent and further proof of the dictatorial nature of the Prime Minister and the PNM government.”

Griffith said, “We have seen this same behaviour consistently over the last couple of years with this government, where they believe they can do what they want, when they want, without any real consequences.

He said the Privy Council “has has been the one barrier against full-blown dictatorship, consistently protecting our democracy and delivering defeats to this government.”

Referring to comments made by Attorney General Reginald Armour SC about the judgment, Griffith described them as disingenuous.

He questioned how Armour could be trying “to sell to the public that the government won, despite clear facts that they were defeated.”

Griffith also claimed that Government was displaying dictatorial behaviour by certain people “attempting to virtually threaten the media and the public, about making comments pertaining to this landmark judgment.”

In a video posted on social media, Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke called on the Prime Minister to stop embarrassing himself and the country.

He told Dr Rowley, “It is time that you come to your senses and set the date for local government elections. Set the date now.”

Duke claimed TT’s young people see him as a tyrant and an enemy.

He advised the people in Port of Spain and in the East-West Corridor to look out for the PDP on the ground in their areas.

Duke urged anyone who wants to represent the PDP as a candidate in the local government elections to contact him through any social media platform and by e-mail.