NTA appoints co-ordinator

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Norman Dindial

THE National Transformation Alliance (NTA) on Friday announced another appointment to its national governance team.

In a statement, the party unveiled former Lt Commander Norman Dindial as its central co-ordinator.

The statement said Dindial, a military/Coast Guard career officer, has over 26 years’ experience in joint and inter-agency lead operations focusing on drug interdiction, migration, border control and illicit trafficking of people, weapons and narcotics.

“He has considerable experience in education and training, strategic planning and human resources, organisational development and restructuring.”

The NTA added that Dindial is also competent in oil-spill response, fisheries conservation, exclusive economic zone protection and coastal zone management.

His role will be to develop and maintain relationships with communities, residents and organisations to achieve shared goals and co-ordinate logistics for in-person and/or virtual meetings and events.

On Monday, the NTA announced announced Lorraine Pouchet as a deputy political leader..

In a statement, the NTA said she will be second in command after political leader Gary Griffith and a member of the national governance team.

Pouchet has worked in the domestic tourism sector for more than 35 years.

On Wednesday, Nikoli Edwards was announced as another NTA deputy leader. He will be responsible for the party’s youth programmes.

Edwards is also leader of the Progressives Party. He said a partnership between the Progressives and the NTA could give both of them a greater chance of success at the national polls.

Edwards added that he had acceded to requests to join with the NTA to present alternatives to the two traditional political parties (PNM and UNC).

On August 12, the NTA announced actor Errol Fabien as its communications director. Fabien, who has contested previous general elections as an independent candidate, is also a member of the party’s national governance team.

His role is to ensure that the NTA’s “vision, mission and policies align strategically with the NTA’s corporate identity and brand ethos to effectively connect with the NTA’s target audiences.”

In a series of videos posted on social media, Griffith (a former commissioner of police and national security minister) has said the NTA has been seeking to attract the best talent into its ranks as it prepares for the task of governance.

Griffith has promised to announce the members of the NTA’s leadership when they have been chosen.