NP: No smoking, cellphone use near service stations

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo by Lincoln Holder

There should be no smoking or cellphone use near service stations, especially while filling gas.

The National Petroleum Marketing Co Ltd released a statement on Tuesday, after a social media video circulated showing a woman smoking a cigarette near the fuel dispenser despite “No Smoking” signs being displayed.

It said that smoking poses significant threat, since a lit cigarette or its ash can ignite gasoline vapours in the air.

As for cellphones, they are not certified for use while pumping gasoline, since service stations are considered a potentially explosive area.

NP asked the public to comply with the safety measures to prevent destruction and harm to themselves or the property, while it keeps working with service station dealers to reduce these occurrences.

NP said the safety of customers is priority and is asking the public to be careful while refuelling by keeping cigarettes, lighters, naked lights and other potentially flammable items away from service stations.