North Korea threatens to attack US bases


Kim Jong-un oversees mock drone strike as North Korea threatens military bases in Japan and on Guam Link to video: North Korea threatens US airbases in Japan North Korea has said it will attack US military bases on Japan and the Pacific island of Guam if provoked, a day after its leader, Kim Jong-un, oversaw a mock drone strike on South Korea. The North also held an air raid drill on Thursday after accusing the United States of preparing a military strike using bombers that have overflown the Korean peninsula as part of drills between South Korean and US forces. North Korea has…

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Suriname keeps out Republic Bank -

Suriname keeps out Republic Bank
PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Thursday March 21, 2013 – Trinidad's Republic Bank has lost out on acquiring a majority stake in state-owned Hakrinbank of Suriname after that government announced its decision to instead sell its shares to private investors.