Non-stop search continues for Kimani in Point Fortin

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A diver and another man search a river near the missing child’s Techier Village home. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Despite searching Techier Village and environs overnight on Monday for missing toddler Kimani Francis, the searchers came up empty-handed.

On Tuesday, police said several people who had joined the search team since Monday morning were still looking for “Mani” “in all corners of the community.”

The team comprised scores of villagers, NGOs Search and Rescue Team and Hard Grounds, Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr, Point Fortin mayor Saleema McCree Thomas and members of the protective services.

Kimani, who lives with his mother Kimberly Charles, 22, and extended family at Tenth Street in Techier Village, is believed to have wandered away from his home mid-morning. He was barefoot and wearing only disposable diapers.

The police said someone called the police station to say the child was seen alone walking on a deserted road in a forested area. The caller added that the child walked out of sight.

MISSING: Kimani Francis

Apart from the searchers, other villagers gathered and began praying for the child’s safe return.

A tent was pitched in a forested area about half a mile from the family’s home.

Members of the Search and Rescue Team thanked the PM as well as the councillor for Techier/Guapo Lyndon Harris for allowing them to use the Techier Community Centre to refresh themselves.

A post on the team’s Facebook page said, “Some members were able to get just about one hour sleep. Breakfast is currently being prepared. God is great.”

Relatives declined to speak to the media.