NGO proposes special needs school for every district

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The head of the NGO Dr Glenn “Special” Children’s Foundation is advocating for children with special needs to get greater access to education throughout the year.

“We are advocating that each school has a special department for the differently-abled or special children. By special children, we mean those with autism and special challenges. We want an increased clinical diagnosis of any learning disabilities in children,” Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh told Newsday.

“Every regional or educational district should have one school for the different-abled and children with special needs.”

The foundation, founded in 2015, hosted a charity drive on Thursday and Friday to share joy for the Christmas season.

The foundation liaises with the Cerebral Palsy Association and the Cerebral Palsy Society.

Ramadharsingh, a former MP for Caroni Central, said the foundation’s message this year is for education and empowerment which is the way to lift families out of poverty.

“Education and empowerment of the vulnerable is the way forward. There should be greater training and technologies to educate them safely at home through virtual platforms.”

On Thursday, the foundation gave out care packages, toys and hampers in Syne Village, Penal, at his vet office.

The drive continued at Mission Road in Freeport then to St Augustine.

The drive ended on Friday at Oropune village, Piarco.

“This is the 11th year that the foundation is donating to the society. We know some of these parents personally. We have also formed a WhatsApp support group and provide help from time to people who reach out to us,” he said.

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