NGC honours ALTA’s work


THE Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) is the third inductee in the National Gas Company’s (NGC) Above and Beyond Programme.

The programme, which was launched in 2017, recognises individuals or groups who have excelled in their profession, and who also, through extraordinary efforts, contributed to or inspired others in society to excel.

In a media release NGC said it shares with ALTA the recognition that literacy is key to removing barriers and providing a path to success for all members of society.

“ALTA joins those whose extraordinary contributions and humanitarian efforts have made an indelible impact on Trinidad and Tobago,” the release said.

Speaking at the presentation which was televised on May 28, Paula Lucie-Smith, founder and CEO of ALTA said, “Selecting ALTA for this award shows that NGC is thinking above and beyond the norm, switching from honouring an individual of world renown in its first year to a whole group of persons who are largely unnoticed – since those with low literacy are on the margins of society, of employment, of life. This award brings them centre stage in the best possible way…”.

The ALTA Spelling Dictionary is one of the projects which the NGC will partner with ALTA on. The dictionary is a resource for readers of all ages who have to stop and think before writing certain words. –

President of NGC Mark Loquan, sharing his sentiments on ALTA said, “Through the Above and Beyond Programme we continue to recognise and preserve the legacies of achievers and national contributors for future generations. Our relationship with ALTA has given us a window into the impact and relevance of ALTA’s work, and at the same time, insight into the work still to be done – work which has positive, long-term socioeconomic implications for TT. As a company heavily invested in sustainability, NGC believes that work must continue. Accordingly, we are partnering to highlight some of ALTA’s major projects for 2020.”

The release said the projects include:

* ALTA online – a virtual classroom space that facilitates a systematic course of instruction via a series of interactive activities to improve reading.

* Spelling instruction in schools –producing the ALTA phonics chart/poster and supplying to schools, as well as ALTA spelling dictionaries.

* I Am ALTA – an anti-stigma campaign to sensitise the public and increase awareness of the importance of literacy using success stories of its students and its tutors.

The first honouree of the NGC’s Above and Beyond programme was TT’s first Olympic Gold Medallist Hasely Crawford. Crawford continues to play an active role in the development of track and field in TT, the relase said. Pat Bishop, the second honouree, was awarded posthumously. Bishop was musical director of the Lydian choir and Lydian steel orchestra; an arranger for several steelbands; an artist; an environmentalist and a cultural advocate.


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