New National Party Calls on Government to Reconsider the Plan to Sever MNIB Workers

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

Thursday 16th February, 2023: The New National Party (NNP) is  appealing to the Dickon Mitchell Administration to reconsider the plan to sever the workers of the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB).  According to the NNP, the decision is insensitive, inconsiderate and unsympathetic.  It is marked by sheer disregard and a lack of empathy for the livelihoods of the over 90 workers and their families who will be directly affected by this latest attack of the administration on the ordinary people of the country.

While the NNP fully supports any action taken by this administration that will refocus the organization to fulfill its original mandate, the party cannot support the manner in which the workers are being treated.  The party believes that the Government can restructure and improve the operations of the MNIB while at the same time securing the jobs of the present workers.  

The current Prime Minister has spoken in glowing terms of severance payments to be made to workers, however, the reality is that they are likely to be left in a worse situation.   With the full winding up of the MNIB later this year, and the creation of a new entity, the current employees are not guaranteed employment.

Additionally, the NNP is concerned that many of the employees of the MNIB are indebted to various financial institutions which are likely to demand full payment of outstanding amounts, therefore many of the workers would be going home with nothing amidst the rising cost of living.

The NNP also feels the anxiety of the many farmers, agro processors and other creditors of the MNIB as no clear plan to address their concerns has been put forward. The New National Party continues to stand in solidarity with the workers, suppliers and creditors of the MNIB and all the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in these trying times.