Netherlands stuns Mexico with two late goals


Why not? Everything else has happened in this World Cup, so why not a totally unpredictable, crazy, controversial, mind-boggling ending that nobody saw coming. You know it’s a crazy game when both the loser and the winner are stunned. Mexico was within two minutes of moving into the World Cup quarterfinals leading the heavily favoured Netherlands 1-0. There didn’t appear to be any reason why it wouldn’t happen. Then the craziness started. Wesley…

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Angelique Sabrina Talks Rihanna Comparisons - BET


Angelique Sabrina Talks Rihanna Comparisons
The sun-kissed elephant in the room, however, remains the blatant comparison in artistic narrative that she has to now international pop sensation Rihanna, who became a breakthrough star in the U.S. after signing with Jay Z's Roc Nation, placing the ...