NCB Foundation grants $250,000 wish for teen moms’ home Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

No one at Mary’s Child facility had any inkling of the early Christmas treat heading their way, courtesy of the N.C.B. Foundation.

The Mustard Seed Communities-led facility, which caters to teenage mothers in crisis, was surprised with the gift of $250,000 from the N.C.B. Foundation’s 2022 Grant a Wish programme.

“We’re very grateful to receive this amazing gift,” exclaimed Nadia Williams, administrator for Mary’s Child. “Our 14 girls and their babies will be so excited! Of course, we will use it toward their education because that is a priority for us. Thank you, N.C.B. Foundation!”

While the gift might have been a surprise for the home, N.C.B. Foundation Board Director Tracy-Ann Spence had long known she wanted to do something special for Mary’s Child.

The new mother, who is also Chief Operating Officer at NCB Capital Markets Limited, shared: “I have a lot of respect for what the institution is doing and how they’re helping the lives of these young girls and babies, so I’m happy to offer them my support in this way so that they can continue doing all they can to support these young women.”

Spence added, “As a new mom, I understand the struggles of taking care of a baby and how important support and access to resources are. I can’t imagine how I would have managed without those and so this was an opportunity for me to help out moms who are not in my position, especially these moms who are just kids themselves.”

Mary’s Child provides accommodation for teen mothers and their babies for one year, as well as training for educational, professional, spiritual and personal development, including courses on computer skills, home economics and parenting.

As part of its annual Grant a Wish programme, N.C.B. Foundation created a special category of beneficiaries, giving N.C.B. Foundation Directors and NCB executives the opportunity to select a charity or cause to receive a special grant. This is called the ‘Director’s Pick’, and beneficiaries in this category are awarded between $250,000 and $500,000.

This year’s Grant a Wish programme, which closed on December 15, is primarily focused on celebrating and rewarding educators, institutions and other individuals who have made significant contributions to education in Jamaica.

Additionally, 10 laptops and ten tablets will be donated to children 17 years old and younger as part of N.C.B. Foundation’s mandate to support the improvement of digital literacy in Jamaica.

With a total of $15 million allocated to granting wishes under the programme, nominees receiving the top votes in each category will receive donations valued at $750,000 for first place, $500,000 for second place and $300,000 for third place.