NBA YoungBoy Sends Joe Budden Love From Grave Digger Mountain

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

NBA YoungBoy has a public service announcement, and it’s that his beef with Joe Budden was designed purely for entertainment purposes only.

Recently, when podcaster and hip-hop music critic Joe Budden went in on NBA Young Boy, fans were livid and quickly swooped to the young rapper’s defense. It was really believed at the time that Budden just woke up and chose violence (as usual). Now, it appears that it might have all been a stunt.

During a recent podcast episode, Budden appeared to be picking topics out of a hat as he perused his notes and questioned whether he should read them out loud. He eventually did, admitting that he thought NBA YoungBoy was “trash,” and he didn’t put it nicely.

“‘You ready to tell the truth about NBA YoungBoy?’ Am I ready to do this?” he questioned before immediately continuing. “That n***a is trash. He’s horrible. He is horrible, he is horrible, he is really, really, really, really, really bad. I don’t know him as a person, I’m only speaking about music. He is really, really, really bad.”

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Budden went on to speak on the rapper’s label and the role they played in convincing kids that YoungBoy was actually good. He also notes that his music before house arrest was much different than anything he comes up with these days. “And that thing happened with him. When he was out, the label pushed a button and did some YouTube s**t. All the little kids had to just come to the f***ing gathering and tell you about NBA YoungBoy’s views and how great he is and how awesome he is and how amazing he’s doing.”

He continued: “Now that the label’s backed up a bit, and now that we done had about three or four projects while he’s been in Utah on house arrest– I know [he had way more than that],” Joe Budden said. “That, to me, is where the problem lies. Because earlier YoungBoy music don’t sound like this to me. Like, he just dropped a single today. I listened to it last night, and I cut it off midway through. I’m just like, I can’t. [The difference between his music then and now is that] I could hear it. Like, literally.”

YoungBoy and his fans eventually caught wind of the sentiments expressed in the podcast and soon gathered in their scores with their torches and nunchakus. In a similarly brazen response, YoungBoy roasted Joe Budden hard, suggesting that he was inferior because of his dysfunction down there. “Don’t speak on me. I don’t play that sh*t. Don’t rat on me neither, you p*ssy b*tch,” NBA YoungBoy said at the time.

“St*pid d*mb b*tch,” the rapper continued. “Yo d*ck don’t get even hard no more, clown-ass n***a. Ain’t no sabotaging me, b*tch. F*ck wrong wit that n***a, mayne? Don’t rat on me. I don’t want to argue with ya b*tch ass, n***a. B*tch, you do all them interviews, come on to Grave Digger Mountain and talk to me, n***a. B*tch, if you can’t do that, mayne, hey, you b*tch-made n***a. Shut your f*kin’ mouth!”

Amidst all the drama, both YoungBoy and Budden have come out to retract their statements, seemingly in an effort to reconcile. “I owe him an apology,” Budden said during another podcast. “He don’t even bother nobody.”

Meanwhile, YoungBoy posted a video from Grave Digger Mountain horseback and motorcycle riding, claiming that none of it was serious. “Joe Budden, I love you bro,” he said. “They ain’t understand our plot twist. It was strictly for [us] to do an interview after that. Tell ’em don’t take us too serious. Everything entertainment, man.”

Could this beef really have been staged to promote an interview? Time will certainly tell what these two have cooking up.