‘National security’ man found murdered in Morvant

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo

A man wearing clothing affiliated with both police and the regiment was found murdered in Morvant on Friday morning.

He is yet to be identified.

Police reported that at about 7am, Morvant police were called by a woman who found his body in her yard at Las Alturas.

PCs Scipio and Hyde cordoned off the area.

The man was wearing a black balaclava, which police officers were stopped from wearing after increased reports of men committing crimes while dressed in clothes resembling police tactical wear.

The man was also wearing long camouflage pants, black combat boots, a black under- jersey, a blue sweater resembling those worn by the Guard and Emergency Branch, and a camouflage fisher hat.

Police found 5.56 spent shells near his body and further away, prompting them to believe there had been a shootout that led to the man’s death.