Murdered Vanessa was previously ‘Inga Scheult’



Vanessa Ali, 24, lived with adoptive parents and might have been abused from a young age.

On Wednesday Ali was shot through the head and her body dumped in Barrackpore. Police said Ali’s biological parents gave her the name Inga Scheult.

They told Newsday yesterday that an arrest is imminent in her murder.

Her killer bashed her nose so hard with an object that a bone in her face was broken.

At two, the police said, Ali was adopted by a Piparo family. She lived with them and was affectionately called “Vanessa.”

But she ran away from her adoptive parents’ home in Piparo and never returned.

She became romantically involved with a man in La Romaine and bore him two children. Her body was discovered at the side of New Colonial Road.

Ali’s Facebook friends posted several comments about her death, with one poster stating, “It’s funny how as soon as you die everyone is your best friend.

Last time I checked most people didn’t care about you, but now they could even write your biography.”

Another wrote, “So as the people say, they know you and you from living Princes Town.

But last time I checked you were homeless and no one decided to help you out. I know the bad company you kept. But you only needed a place to rest your head.”

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