Murder victim’s family worried as relative misidentified as suspect

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

KFC workers stand outside the building on Bonne Aventure and Harmony Hall Roads, Gasparillo, where customer Luka Goring was shot and killed after an altercation with an unidentified man on Friday night. –

The family of Luka Goring, who was gunned down inside a KFC outlet, is upset that another relative was wrongfully identified as a suspect in his death on social media.

Goring, 31, of Gopaul Lands, Marabella, was shot dead on Friday night by a man whom he had stabbed moments before during an altercation inside KFC’s Gasparillo outlet.

Speaking with reporters at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Goring’s family declined to speak about the circumstances surrounding his murder.

But they voiced their annoyance that “false information” on social media was making an already difficult situation even worse.

The family members, who did not give their names, said claims on social media that Goring was killed by “a brethren” were untrue.

They said the social media posts included a picture of Goring with one of his cousins.

They said this post and the conclusions it can lead to have left the family worried as they know his cousin was not involved in his murder.

“He works offshore and he is offshore right now. I’m pissed about it…because they pick up that and it circulate all over. Now people watching him differently and they putting him in danger (with that post).”

They said social media sites have a responsibility to get the information correct before posting it.

“If they want to find out information when it have a death, come to the people’s family and get all the facts. Don’t just run with everything you hear or everything you see. You should come to the family, as respectable people, and get all the facts straight. Get your facts straight.”

They also criticised people who share the information without knowing whether or not it is true.

“Everybody big and have sense. Not everything you see circulating is the truth. Don’t just watch these things and jump to conclusions. Get to the root of it. Get to the bottom of it before you start to run your mouth because watch what it reach to.”

The family said the relative is now traumatised and hurting even more as, in addition to being wrongfully accused, he is unable to attend the funeral as he could not make timely travel arrangements.

“His image and thing jumping up over there. When he hear (Goring) died, he tried to get a flight to come and he ent get no flight to come in. Right now he is hurting. And then when he see that (post) he is crying.”

“He is grieving which part he is. And then with people calling him and saying ‘Boy I see this thing,’ he feeling a kind of way.”

The family said they hope the information does not lead to the relative being harmed by anyone or wrongfully arrested in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, the hunt is still on for the main suspect, who has been described as “armed and dangerous.”

Police believe the man was stabbed and urged doctors and nurses to be on the lookout for men with stab wounds.

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS or the police at 999, 555, or the nearest police station.