Mum of woman murdered in Arima wants thorough investigation

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Rianna Mohammed. –

THE mother of Rianna Mohammed, who was murdered in Arima on Wednesday night, is calling for a thorough investigation into her first-born and only daughter’s killing.

Police reported that at about 10 pm, Mohammed was at Bolo Trace, Hoyte Avenue with a 37-year-old man when they were shot at.

Mohammed, 26, who is originally from Freeport, collapsed and died on the spot. The man, who lives at Chatham Village, Chatham, was grazed in the neck. Police said they have no motive for the killing.

Mohammed’s mother Nalini Mohammed questioned why her daughter was the only person shot if the two were attacked, and wondered why her daughter was in that area to begin with.

The mother of three recalled her daughter wanting to be a cheerleader, when she was a child, and then a soldier. Mohammed said she threatened her daughter with broken limbs if she pursued her desire to join the military, and that dream was quashed.

She said her daughter, like many people her age, enjoyed having fun and pursued her passion of cosmetology.

“Rianna was a loving child. All of what social media saying about her is not true. She did not need to be with any man for money because her parents would give her anything she wanted.

“We had a falling out some months ago because of the relationship she had, and I told her she could collect her own garbage, she don’t need anyone else’s.”

A close friend of Mohammed believes she was killed because of a relationship she had with a married man that went sour. The friend, who asked not to be identified, said a few months ago Mohammed found out she was in a relationship with a married man and called his wife. That led to threats which, the friend said, were never reported.

Mohammed’s neighbours described her as a fun-loving woman. The neighbours, who did not want to be identified, said Mohammed moved into the Mc Inroy apartment earlier this year and was a “cool person.”

They said they could not speak much about her personal life, but would lime and drink with her from time to time. One woman said her favourite memory was getting drunk with her one night.

“It is hard accepting that. I was not expecting it. My heart goes out to her as somebody I got close with. My condolences go out to the family,” the woman said.

Mohammed is the second woman killed this week. On Monday night, pregnant mother Rosanne Granger was with her boyfriend Acori “Bless” Mason, in a car at Jubilee Street, Aranguez Branch Road, at around 10.20 pm, when they were shot. Both died at the scene.