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Dancehall entertainer Mr Vegas is basking in success after becoming the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in sociology/anthropology and a minor in hospitality management from Florida International University (FIU).

The entertainer, whose given name is Clifford Smith, shared on Friday that he graduated with a 3.9 grade point average (GPA).

In an Instagram post, in which he shared a photograph of himself in his graduation gown, the artiste expressed gratitude to those who assisted him on his journey, which all began in 2019 when he earned his General Education Diploma (GED). The GED is equivalent to a high school diploma.

Vegas had stated in previous interviews that he did not complete high school in Jamaica, having dropped out at grade nine.

“In 2019, I took on the task to re-educate myself. It all started with me condensing a vast amount of information that resulted in me getting a General Education Diploma,” wrote the 47-year-old entertainer.

“Subsequently, I matriculated at Broward Community College and graduated with a degree in mass communication,” he added.

Vegas noted that getting a taste of college life and ascertaining knowledge that he was not previously cognisant of, increased his desire to learn more.

“That being so, I applied and successfully enrolled at Florida International University, where I changed my major to sociology/anthropology and minored in hospitality management,” he told his followers.

The dancehall act said for 18 months he had to apply himself to the “fullest”, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenging assignments that threatened to thwart his mission.

“Today, I am proud to say that I did it! Graduating with a 3.9 GPA, a major in sociology/anthropology and a minor in hospitality management, is a testament that if you work diligently, your rewards will be great,” Vegas advised.

The ‘Bruk It Down’ singer went on to acknowledge a number of persons who were instrumental in his academic success.

“It is worth noting that I could not get here without some of the greatest minds: Jay, my nephew, showed no signs of frustration when I kept making the same errors on basic mathematics problems; he chuckled when I cussed myself out for not remembering that two negatives make a positive.

“After Jay went off to university, I was fortunate to have Tracey, Imhotep, Stacey, Vanessa, Obondo, and Sherette, who prepared me for college and university studies. To them, I say, thanks!” said Vegas.

“To my teachers, especially Dr Sammy, you are making a major difference in this world. I am a product of your patience, knowledge and commitment to make your students succeed,” he continued.

In ending his thoughts, Vegas described this chapter of his life as being “great”.

At the same time, he hinted that there are other things that he has left to accomplish in his life.

“In conclusion, this has been a great chapter in my life. My children and your children will have a father to draw inspiration from.

“At this stage of the journey, the knowledge I ascertained is sweet, like honey. However, my instinct to share is overwhelming. This means the journey will continue; the next chapter will be more fascinating,” he concluded.

Several persons lauded Vegas on his academic success.

“I’m immensely proud of you. Congrats. Fully bright,” wrote media personality and attorney, Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton.

“Congrats my brother,” Dancehall artiste D’Angel wrote.

“Congratulations,” said reggae singer Etana.

Commented Instagram user, theicelady: “I got my GED and cried like a baby. Thanks for inspiring me to give myself a chance.”

Mr Vegas kicked off his career in dancehall in the 1990s, and has amassed an impressive catalogue of hits over the years.

Among them are: ‘I am Blessed’, ‘Hot Gal Nuh Fight Ova Man’, ‘Bruck It Down’, ‘Heads High’, and ‘Daggering’.